About Anaya


Over 12 Years Experience

Anaya is a highly qualified pilates teacher with over 12 years experience of teaching all levels of mat and studio equipment classes. She has owned her own studio in London and worked closely with physios to demonstrate and learn about how pilates can compliment rehabilitation. Her specialisms include movement for sporting performance, back care, rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal, and fascia. She has worked with elite athletes at Sussex Men’s Cricket and is qualified to teach Slings Myofascial Training with Art of Motion - a wonderful fusion of pilates and yoga inspired movements, which works on rhythm and elasticity of the fascial system.


Anaya believes that the beauty of Pilates is that it is an inclusive form of exercise for people of all abilities. She carries this principle through her teaching and is a true example of this. Anaya has always enjoyed playing competitive sports and played Junior England and county cricket for Sussex Women’s between the ages of 10 and 18.  However, her chance of advancing to a higher level in this sport was cut short after suffering from back pain. At the age of 13, she was diagnosed with a scoliosis and then two years later, the excruciating pain of two prolapsed discs in her lower back. This latter episode of back injury led to surgery on both discs.  The surgery, however, was only a short-term solution and the back pain continued. Anaya sought medical advice from a back specialist who said that she could either have further surgery to fuse the vertebrae together or she could start practising Pilates.  For her, the second option was obviously the more favourable. In 2002, she began practising Pilates and was amazed by the results.  She rarely experiences back pain and is now stronger than ever - participating in sports again.